Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Sweater Pillow

I know you might all be thinking "When will she do a post that I don't have to SEW for?!" Well, not today. Sorry. :) I am in the middle of redecorating the kids bedrooms and was about to start on this pillow for Bell's bed when I realized, hey, this would be a great DIY for beginning sew-ers. So, here it is! Go dig through your or your hubby's closet for a sweater that you can cut up. Or head to your thrift store and buy one for super duper cheapies.

A sweater
A pillow
Velcro (forgot it in the picture. woopsadaisys.)

1. Put the pillow on top of the sweater.
2. Cut the sweater to the size of your pillow, with the bottom side of the pillow at the bottom edge of the sweater. (like in my picture here.) That way, when you add the velcro, you don't have to hem anything because the edge is already finished!
3.  Turn the sweater inside out  if you haven't already and sew up all but the bottom side of the sweater.

4.  Grab your velcro and pin it in the desired locations. In my project, I only did one strip of velcro.  I wish I'd done it at least twice as long. Or maybe 2 strips evenly spaced. My little strip wasn't really enough, but here is what it looked like.

5.  Sew it on and you've got your pillow cover!!

Pardon the grainy photos. The lighting up there in the bedroom is not the greatest for pictures but you get the idea! Don't you like her new duvet cover? I am in love. The top part is a vintage sheet and I just adore the pairing with the black and white checks.  Abs Gorg.


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TDM Wendy said...

So cute. Love it. Will never do it. Don't know how to sew.