Friday, October 28, 2011


Get it? I'll be back?
I guess this is one of those times in my life where this here blog isn't one of my top priorities. (gasp!). I know, it's just wrong. But alas, such is the current state of things.  Hopefully in a week or two things will settle down and I'll be able to focus more on this. 
Some people say that, to be a successful online blogger/business, you have to update as frequently as you can, and I'd probably agree. Which is most likely why my shop and blog have been scarcely visited as of late. What's even more surprising to me is that, I'm fine with it! I've needed a break and I'm enjoying spending more time with my kids and making my house more housey.

Today we celebrated two amazing events in history:
1. Bella Rose was born 3 years ago! Can you even believe it? I gave birth to her via emergency c-section (freaky! Lost half my blood in that delivery!) and then got to spend the next week recovering in bed with her next to me, sleeping soundly. I watched Monk, read the Word, prayed, slept, took pills, and watched more Monk.  All the while spending every moment with my new baby girl. I loved it. The C-section part; coulda done without that, but it gave me a very wonderful gift.

2.  Ash accepted Jesus into his heart yesterday! So, we celebrated tonite with a double party for him and Bell. Two very wonderful reasons to praise God.

So for now, with this blog, I give you no false promises. I'm a busy lady and I'll update when I can. I do enjoy posting projects and such on here, though, and as soon as I finish Ash's duvet cover, I'll post the pic of the kids new room.  Don't give up on me, I'll be back on here posting daily as soon as the momentum returns and I can spend my time thinking about it again. I promise, I'll be back!

In the meantime, enjoy this pic I found on pinterest. Gave me a chuckle.

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Lora said...

congratulations, asher! amazing news. :)