Monday, October 3, 2011

Did somebody say coffee?

Apparently, I didn't know what 'having kids in school' looks like. Cuz I'm still trying to find my solid ground here!
Not used to the routine and schedule and all that snazz. Packing lunches, paperwork, picking out clothes, WAY more laundry for some reason...etc.

Here are other very important reasons I've ignored you:

my bathroom is currently under renovations (hallelujah praise the Lort!)
hello and good bye rotting wood!
yeah that was behind the tile

we put all 3 big kids in the same bedroom so we could scoot baby H upstairs in his own room and finally have an office/guest room downstairs! Needless to say, that's been fun.

(PS. Ask me if 3 children can stay up until 10 PM rehearsing and reciting the same Dora episodes in the pitch black until they finally pass out on the floor. Go ahead, ask me.)

I've been working on a bulk order of Buttercup Bags for a sweet friend who is getting married and using them as bridesmaids gifts! 

Did I mention the laundry?!

And lastly, my little Ash has a nasty cold that has kept everyone up most of the night the past two nights. So, I'm afraid I'm lacking my usual sunny disposition (joke) today. 

Cue coffee part deux.

On a happier, less complainy note, here's some cute pictures from our trip to the fall jamboree! While Joel was out of town, my sweet MIL took the kids and me. So fun! Hayride, horsies, fried dough..mmm...oh, and the kids liked it too.

Happy Monday!


Lora said...

i love you. :)
and can i just say - i did a double take of that photo of asher - he looks so different! he's growing up!! wow.. time flies.
can't wait to see photos of the bathroom when it's all done!

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

So... I know I've said this before, but Bella reminds me SOOOO much of you when you were little. And your children are completely awesome. and amazing. The end.

Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Ditto on the photos of the finished bathroom.

susanna internicola said...

haven~! looks more like daddy and rowan all at once! wow.
you are amazing jenn...and thank God that bathroom is getting done! woohoo!! good job guys!! :)