Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I may or may not have lost it.

My mind. I may have lost it. Or just about.
But thankfully, I have a husband that can tell when I'm on the verge of losing it.
When my firstborn goes off to Kindergarten, my 4 year old goes back to preschool, and I find it ridiculously hard to adjust to our new life.
Then, the aforementioned husband does things like this:

I love my man and he loves me. And boy, does he know me. Cherry Garcia? Hello. Get in my belly.


Rebekah said...

Points. Big points.

randi said...

it's the little things, isn't it!

how very sweet! :)

Lora said...

what a good husband!

Caren said...

You've definitely got a keeper! :)

TDM Wendy said...

Yay for a sweet husband. My husband loves Cherry Garcia too. Not me. Bake me some cookies instead :)