Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Fall Felt Leaves Garland

What?! Another garland?!
Yes but aren't you so glad? This one is just what your house needs to feel like fall is here. Believe me, this is coming from a girl who hates avoids decorating for the seasons.  This garland is the least cheesy kind of ornamentation for your home, and I think could be left up well past fall and into the winter! Let's get to it.
Ok, supply time.

Embroidery floss in a fall-ish color. I like yellow or orange.
Embroidery needle (Super cheap at any craft store or Walmart. Might come in a pack of needles.)

1. Cut the leaves.  Super easy! And very imprecise. Don't you dare use a template! No two leaves should be the same.

2.  Thread your needle and start stitchin'. Just do a running stitch that looks like mine, all the way through your leaves, until your garland is as long as you want it!  *Mandatory. Must have cute kid walking around in background.*

3. Hang it up over your door, mantle, bed frame, mirror, whatevs! Enjoy your new fall festiveness!

Blessings! Happy fall. :)


Lora said...

wow! i totally love that! you are so creative. and can i just tell you, your blog is one of my absolute favorites! (and that's not just cause you are my friend :) ) truly, reading it always makes me happy and inspired and feel good about myself.
i love you!

m.e (Cathie) said...

gorgeous garland! so simple to make yet so effective ♥

stellacreations said...

nice creation.. so love and cute !!!