Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Matchbook Style Mini Notebooks out of Paint Chips!

Cost: $0.
Fun: Lots.
Cuteness: off the charts.

I thought this is a really cute idea to make for a stocking stuffer for Christmas, or you could make a bunch of them, put them together in a set and give them as a gift! Add little stickers or stamps to them to make them even prettier, or personalize them with initials, etc. So many possibilities.

Go get your stuffs!

Paint chips (Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot, just go grab a handful in all sizes!)

1. Take your paint chip and fold the top down, I'd say about 3/4". Like so.
2. Fold the bottom part up so that it tucks under the top flap. Like so!

3. Cut your paper to fit inside. I cut mine about 1/4" smaller than the inside of the packet.
4. Tuck your paper in under the top flap and staple it in.
5. Tuck your bottom flap under the top to close your notebook and voila! A cute little matchbook style mini-notebook. :) You like? I do!

Go check out this tutorial also, for some cute ideas on how to personalize these little notebooks! Bye now!

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Fay said...

That's a neat idea!