Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten...WHAT?!

Last night was one of the hardest nights of my life. Because I knew that in the morning, my 5 year old baby was no longer a baby, but a kindergartner.
As I packed his lunch box for the first time ever, I imagined him being out of my reach and control for 6 hours the next day, and I became anxious.
I am not ready for this. But you know what? I don't think we're ever ready to let our kids go.   Last night, lying in bed, Joel and I prayed that we'd be strong enough to release Rowan fully to the Lord, and trust Him completely to take care of him in this strange new place.
I hate for this entry to sound complainy but I'm just being real.  It's only 11:30 AM and I miss him already! I thought I couldn't wait for school to start and now that it's here and he's gone, I do not like it one bit!
Ok, maybe I like it a little.  It's really nice to have some alone time with Ash and Bella while Haven naps. Sometimes, in a home with a special needs kiddo, it can be tricky to spread your attention evenly between the kids so that the others don't feel neglected.  We've been careful about this, but now it is going to be much easier to spend some quality time with them.
Public school was not our first choice for Ro. We wanted him to attend the Christian school with Asher, but the Lord made it clear that it wasn't time for that.  So in the meantime, we are really believing that this is the best arrangement for him and we are actually quite excited to see how he grows here. His teacher is fantastic and truly loves her job, and I can tell she already loves Ro. But seriously, how could you NOT love him?! He's totally rad.
So, a couple pics for you from my crappy phone, because I forgot my camera, because I forgot my brain this morning.
See his name?! He did. First thing.

Showing the aide the letters on the wall

reading books at his desk

My big boy!
I can't even believe it. I'm still in denial I think.

It's gonna be ok.




Mary / Touch of Heaven said...

RIGHT !!!!!

susanna internicola said...

you betcha!!! :)

Caren said...

Absolutely! My baby went last week and it's hard when he gets home (he's not diagnosed, but we're going to have him checked for ASD) but it's good for both of us! Structure, and lots of new friends for him, and hopefully little bits of quiet time for you, mommy :)

Lora said...

i'm so so happy for him - God is so good! and i know it'll be good for you, too, like you said, to spend some really sweet quality time with the other kiddos.
praying for you!