Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I know way too much about Zachary Levi and James Roday.

I'm not really into TV. My friends and family know this. Of course there've been exceptions.  From time to time I decide to work my way through an entire series, which I've done with the Cosby Show, Alias, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Monk, Psych, and Chuck.  These shows have been, for the most part, pretty appropriate and clean.
There are, however, times in my life when I do get into a few shows at a time, and right now, I'm pretty excited about two particular ones starting up again next month that I've been following since the beginning.

 It is also possible that I've googled and youtube'd Zachary Levi and James Roday, and subsequently know way too much about them, like who is engaged, who can sing, who changed their names, etc..  It's possible.
Not sayin that's what I did.
Cuz that would be kinda super creepy and a little very weird.

Anyway, these shows start up mid-October and I'm sure you'll be seeing references to them on this here bloggy thing.  I like the charity that Zac Levi promotes called Operation Smile.  If you haven't heard of it, go here and check it out.  Very cool.

Have you ever thought to pray for a celebrity? I don't know quite why, but ever since I started walking with the Lord, at certain points in my life, I've felt compelled to pray for a certain celebrity. Particularly those who are trying to live as a Christian in that world. I can imagine it would be nearly impossible, aside from making sacrifices and choices that would not be popular there.

The star of Chuck who I mentioned above, Zachary Levi, is a Christian.  Years ago, more towards the beginning of his career, he did this Q&A with Relevant Magazine.  I was honestly quite surprised at some of his answers, and don't know if he still feels the way now that he did then.  He did another interview with them a few years back and said that yes, he indeed still loves God.  From what I can tell, Zac has maintained a personal relationship with Jesus even in that world. How, I really have no idea. The parties, temptations...yuck.

So it may seem silly to you, but I'm praying for him, and for celebrities like him, who desire to live for God. Who may feel ashamed for choices they've made that they felt were beyond their control. Who maybe feel like they can't come back to God because they've denied him too many times, or played roles/said things/did things that weren't glorifying to God.  Or maybe they think they're doing just fine, walking the line between living for God or for the world and success. Or maybe they really do love Jesus, and they just want to keep on loving Him.

Either way, next time you hear of a Christian in Hollywood, pray for them!


Lora said...

i didn't know that about zachary levi! wow. that's neat! and i totally know what you mean about praying for celebrities. i do that sometimes. i like to pray for katie holmes and kelly ripa. :)

Lora said...

oh, and celine dion. I LOVE her!

Rebekah said...

Oh seester. I miss thee. Ben is gone this weekend in New Jersey. I may go through one of those while he's gone if you suggest them and they're on Netflix. Love you.