Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should I Make and Sell These?

Would YOU buy these key fob wristlets if I posted them in my shop??

Input, please!! Thanks. :)


Jessa said...

Are they for keys, Jenn?

susanna said...

cute idea. not so sure i would buy one.
if i was given one, i'd use it! :)
sorry i'm not much help!

i'd say make a couple....see if they sell! don't go crazy though! :)

Aimee Steckowski said...

I LOVE THESE!!! i have 2 already -- they are perfect for walking outside with the kids, playing on the park & just getting the kids in & out of the car because the loop can fit on your wrist.. also very helpful to find your keys if you carry a diaper bag or large purse; i know i would be LOST without mine. they are hip, modern, fun & essential! make them, list them, advertise & they will sell!!