Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Things Friday - holy pictures!

1. My trip to Charlotte! I had so much fun and spent time with some of my favorite people on earth.

i love adia's face in this one! how cute is that?

haven and livvy, his fiance

she loves to read and i love to read with her!


I really love this lady
2.  Bella 'catching' the rain outside the window. I love 'mommy and bella' time!

3.  Finishing a project!  I had a huge men's dress shirt that I turned into a cute summer top!
4.  Playing in the yard with my beautiful family

5. Ash and Ro took a field trip to the zoo with their preschool class and they LOVED it!

Phew! Sorry. Had lots to catch up on! If I don't know you, then I guess those photos were mostly for the grandparents. :) But if you enjoyed them, I'm glad! My kids are incredibly cute.

PS I wanted to say thank you again for participating in my Giveaway!! I loved doing it and I look forward to the next one! (teaser...It'll be sometime next month! And I'll be giving away some other really sweet stuff. You won't want to miss it!)

Have a good weekend!


T said...

that top is incredibly cute and incredibly creative! impressed Jenn! thanks for sharing the pics. can't believe how big everyone is!

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

The one of you looking back at the house with Bella looking out the window reminds me of you when you were little. :-) I definitely have the cutest niece and nephews in the world!!!! Miss you and love you!!!