Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Saturday! Fun things going on here

I'm gonna pretend that you've already seen every joke on the internet about the rapture today, so let's move on and talk about something way more interesting...

Crafting and home decor! Right?

I had you at 'rapture' though, didn't I?

I got hit with the productivity bug yesterday and decided to do a project that's been on the shelf for a few weeks. I bought this hideous candle holder thingy at our thrift store with a vision of seeing it wear my favorite color. Turquoise. I lalalove turquoise.  Here's what it looked like first.
Yeah. Somebody with pretty bad taste painted that the first time. Sorry if you like it.  Actually, I'm mostly sorry for anyone who had to look at this prior to what it looks like now.
I'm in love! What can I paint turquoise next....

In sewing news, I'm taking this shirt...
and I'm going to turn it into a summer shirt for me. Aren't you just dying to see how I'm going to do that?!

And lastly, here's some fun news! On Monday, I'm participating in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day! This will be my 3rd time (i think) doing this one, and I think I like it too much. And I'm giving away probably the best thing I've ever given away. Make sure to come back and check!  Giveaway starts at 9 am.
See you Monday!


susanna internicola said...

awesome!! looks great jenn!!

Jessa said...

LOVE that candleholder (after it's paint job :) )! You have a great eye Jenn!