Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Creative Space

As far as crafting, this is the only thing I've made lately. A half-apron for a friend. Took about 10 minutes. I just used a vintage pillow case for the apron part, and for the strap I simply cut off the top of a sheet and sewed that along the top. It has a 'fray' effect but ya know what?  Thats part of the charm. :)
I did list some fabrics in the shop today. Some stuff from my stash that I haven't used for years.? This self-proclaimed fabric hoarder kept it for so long because I was sure I'd use it for something amazingly cute.  Didn't happen. So, had to let it go. This first one was one of my favorites!

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Bonita Rose said...

I love your shop and hv already put some of your items in my cart.. Love vintage florals.. and I'm just learning to sew.. so much I wanna make! hugs.. I've added your blog badge to my blog! come and visit! hugs bonitarose