Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Things I Love Friday - Spring Has Sprung!

Yes, my friends. That is an OPEN window!!

The newest favorite toy, straight from the Dollar Tree! I am now BFF's with these pinwheels.

GREEN. Blessed, blessed green.

The first bag of spring cleaning. I got the fever, baby!

Happy boy after playing outside for an hour!


susanna internicola said...

i love spring!!

Lora said...

i cannot BELIEVE how big asher is!!! he's grown so much. he's gonna be tall!!

Carlaflower said...

I LOVE your curtains. Did you make them? It's 70-something degrees outside, our windows are open too!

Rebekah said...

morgan and i were lookin at that pic of asher this morn and were stunned at how big and old he looks!!!

Liz Carey said...

I agree with so much about this (blessed green, spring cleaning and yes... Asher is SO BIG)!