Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a little shop stuff...

Well, since I can't post any of my latest sewing projects yet, I thought I'd show you a couple new things up in the shop! Just come cute vintage goodies...:)
Vintage Hand Embroidered Tea Towels
How cute are those tea towels??! So tempted to keep them.
4 Vintage Pillow Cases
Another item I was tempted to keep. These would make such cute pillow case dresses or fabric for any other little fabric! I especially love that blue and white floral beauty on top there. So cute!
Patchwork Fabric Tablecoth (?) 

I'm still not sure what this is supposed to be for, but it was WAY too adorable to pass up when I saw it. It's handstitched, and every piece is this gorgeous gingham. I saw it and immediately thought "nursery curtain!". Anyway, I hope someone can use this cute little thing.

What are you all up to this week?  Give me some fun ideas for things to do with my kids indoors! It's still too cold to play outside but oh how we long for the sunshine!


Lora said...

love all of it!! great finds. :)

Liz Carey said...

You should make edible play dough! You could google some recipes that would even work for Rowen, I think. Just a thought...