Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am unreasonably happy...

Oh, how I love thrifting.  I get a bit too giddy when I come home with lots of stuff for barely any money spent.  I get home, show Joel all my spoils (even though he only cares a little) and am pretty much flying high for the rest of the day. Ridiculous? Maybe, but let's get to the pictures. Usually, my finds include gifts or things I'll sell in my shop, with an occasional little goody for myself. Yesturday, I was blessed enough to find things for all 3 of those categories!! Check it.  All of this for about $5 total!

some of these things will be listed in the shop later today

Look at that amazing bright fabric on the bottom! It was just too crazy and wild to pass up.

I pretty much fell in love with those green Asian mugs. I left 2 there for another lucky buyer. Keeping those 4 for myself. 
How cute are these soup dishes?!  Again, I left a few there for someone else to love.
Seriously, I sat down to show Joel these things, with a huge smile and ridiculously giddy mood, and he very politely indulged me and at the end said "I'm glad you're happy!"  Plus, this shopping trip, I also managed to find some really great Christmas gifts, not pictured for obvious reasons.  I left there with gifts for most of my family, snow suits for the kids and a little girls' toddler bedside table, a dress shirt for Ash for his Thanksgiving play, and all the things pictured above, for about $50!! Flippin' awesome. I love when the Lord kisses me like that.  Mwah to you too, Lord.

hey you. yeah, you. pssst. just to give you a little heads up, there will be a giveaway coming soon...stay tuned!


Lora said...

yay!! great finds, friend. i wish i could go thrift shopping with you! i love those mugs. :)

Carolina said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE good bargains --- where do you find your bargain buys up here?! i've had little luck - we used to have at least 10 thrift stores (some chains, some non-profit supporters) all over where we lived in VA... i'm suffering! HELP!!

& i am SOO excited to hear about this giveaway!!

m allison r said...

Hey! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love seeing your life on here. And we totally had those soup mugs when we were little at my house. They followed one of my brother's to college. Who knows where they are now ;)
I look forward to following your blog. Merry Christmas!