Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pictures. Because it's been too long!

I have some random, un-thought-out things I can put on here right now because, frankly, I remembered that sometimes people do check this blog! And maybe you're thinking, "man, it's been ages since Jenn has posted ridiculously cute pictures of her kids and random musings on life, and by golly, I miss it."

Today's your lucky day!

from our weekend camping. an attempt at a place for Haven to nap! He loved it too much to sleep in it.

Just too cute.

in the poncho Grammy made her! She's saying 'cheese!'

Asher made this firetruck out of play-do. Do you see the sirens?

Ro in his Thanksgiving play. He refused to wear his costume but he sang and said his lines brilliantly! I was one proud mommy.
And some pictures of my latest inspiration of projects I'd love to do soon. Sorry I can't link to them: I have no idea where they came from. Ha!
Thinking about doing this above my dining room door. Love the scroll-y brackets

So easy and cute, how could I not?
This is going in Havens room. Someday.
How much would your hubby's love this? Heck, I'd love it myself!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Who is making gifts for Christmas this year? I'm working on some baby gifts because get this: 2 of my sisters and one sister-in-law are having babies soon!!
I've currently got these projects, some gifts and some not,  cut and sitting on my desk:

4 pairs of leggings
3 shirts
1 flannel jammy pants
2 blankets
a nursing cover
wipes case
changing pad
3 purses for the shop
a pillow cover for my new guest bed

I may be in over my head, but I guess we'll find out! :)
Blessings, all!


Caren said...

Sweet update, Jenn. I was praying this morning that we'd remember to worship God in our "to do" list. That He wouldn't be merely an observer, but a part of it. That we'd have a true communion with Him, worship Him, even in our creative endeavors.
I'm working on a tutorial for simple embroidered Christmas ornaments - made from kids artwork! I'll have the details on my blog on Tuesday, I'd love for you to see it - I bet Asher's got some fun sketches you could use! :)

Lora said...

cute pictures! i can't believe how big haven is! what a CUTIE. :)