Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snapshots from my phone this week...

While emptying my phone's memory so that I could send more texts (dumb), I started browsing through the 135 photos I had on there. I can't even believe i took that many photos on my phone! So for your enjoyment, some photos from this past week, in chronological order :)

1. H had an eye check up a few days ago and while in the waiting room, I saw this fab photo of a bathroom and instantly knew this is how I wanted to do my bathroom (which is still very ugly).
2.   Also in said waiting room, I read this in the Readers Digest. (and by the way, I have to say i love the large print versions!) I laughed out loud and got some strange looks from a few people that day.
3.  Yesturday we took the kiddos to the park and had pizza and played on the playground.  First of all, after you notice the incredibly good looking man and super cute kids, notice the amazing blue tables. i LOVED those, they're the most amazing shade of turquoise.
Must. Have. That. Paint.
4.  I saw my beautiful friend, Cory, yesturday for the first time in many months, and the sweet thing brought me a book that she saw and thought I could use, nay, NEEDED. Tis true! Check this out!
5. The first thing I will be making from this amazing new book! How freaking cute is that. I can hardly even take it.
 6.  I found these two things yesturday. The sign I got at yard sale; isn't that so beautifully vintage!? My friend Lora would LOVE that, I think.  I got the glass at Rite Aid in a dollar bin, believe it or not!! I love how it makes me feel summer-y, even though its October.


Lora said...

you are right - i totally love that sign!! those are my colors!! you know me so well....
miss you
(ps-tell joel he's cute! i like his goatee... :) )

Liz Carey said...

Those are super fun!