Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Things I Love Friday - free downloads!

1.  This free wallpaper that you can download anytime! I particularly liked that first one. Love the patterns!
2.  Printable box templates from this site. I think I have downloaded almost all of them!

3. Download all of the alphabet letters from Ruffled and create anything you want!! I loved the bunting in the pic below from MADE.

4. LOVE these bookmarks! Go to that link and downlaod this and so many more amazing free things. I'm going to print off a bazillion and send them to all my friends.
Ok. Not really. But enjoy!
 5. I wish I had  enough canisters to use every one of these labels. Serioulsy, so cute!! Her site is packed with awesome stuff like this.


Lora said...

love this one! i wish that color ink cartridges for my printer weren't so expensive... i'd be printing all kinds of this fun stuff....

Rebekah said...

@lora - you should get a kodak printer, they're reasonably priced and prints photos really well and ink is only $10 for 2 in each package!! that's why we got it. they're amazing.
@jenn - i saved the letter bunting thing to my desktop to use at some point and ben saw it and said "letter bunting??? OH i hate that word, bunting!" lol i was like oh babe :)