Monday, October 15, 2012

Craft room/office/guest room re-do!

I have a really embarrassing post for you today.
My office/craft room/guest room has been on the back burner ever since we moved in and I just haven't had time to tackle it. It was daunting, with two walls half covered in cork, hardly any storage, and no real inspiration.  
Then one day, I happened upon this link about organizing your home office. It really inspired me! (For some reason her blog isn't working right now, but if you want to see, bookmark it and try again later. Hopefully it will come back up again because it is SO worth it!)
My office was truly a disaster, with stuff piled everywhere, bins of things I didn't really need, a totally unorganized desk area, and almost no storage space. 
the wall in front of the desk has just had the cork removed and a fresh coat of paint applied. See my printer under those stacked bins? Oy.

Yeah. The only shelves in the room. Horrid.

THIS IS MY GUEST BED.  When company comes, it is interesting finding places for all this junk.

I realized I really had to de-clutter and get rid of a bunch of fabric, especially the stuff that was in those bins! I. Hate. Bins. I dont mind them in the attic, where they can't be seen, but I can't stand it when they're just 'around'. 
So, I filled up quite a few bags of things I didn't really need in the first place. In fact, you will be seeing a BUNCH more fabric up in the shop soon, as part of my de-stashing mission!
Ok, so, I managed to convince my husband to hang some shelves above my desk. I love that man!! Look at the difference!
Printer is off the desk, and I not have a file box there for staying organized!! And the three drawer organizer underneath holds LOTS of my craft stuff!
Up there on the first shelf, I have these cuties.
Just painted some cans and voila! Super cute storage.
Next to be tackled was the FABRIC. Oh, my babies. I had to let some go, sadly.  This blog post really got me excited!! Super cheap, easy, and looks SO nice and tidy! I was sorta drooling, actually. 
So I ran to the Dollar store, grabbed like 12 foam boards, and got to work cutting! I followed her tutorial exactly, and this is what happened!  First, scroll back up to see the 'before' photo of my shelves.

ok, here's the after~!

Ok, are ready for the full view of the shelves? It may not look like a HUGE change but believe me, I know where everything is now! 
How cute is that window?!! I still have to work on the bedding but I am SO much happier.

All the yarn is on the top shelf, next to my bin of craft ribbon. Next shelf down is some of the bags in my shop. The middle shelf houses my glass craft items like votives, plates, etc. The red box has all my buttons in it, organized by color!  And underneath, my glorious fabric! Since this photo, I have done the same thing to the bottom shelf. And that bin there...almost gone! Gonna put the bed up on blocks and store stuff under it. YAY!

So there it is! 
It took me a lot longer to get this all done but I am SO glad I did!

What are you doing to get oranized? :)


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Jessa said...

It looks great Jen! Good job!! :)

Caren said...

It is amazing how organizing fabric makes you feel like a weight is lifted! I did the board thing, too, and wow, it's so much easier to see what I've got! I'm glad to see that you have to share your space, too. That's fine - our families come first, right? Good for you for digging in and getting it done!
:) Caren

Lora said...

jenn! i'm so impressed! it looks awesome. my favorite thing is the old window frame above the bed - brilliant!! love it. :) and i love the way you organized your fabric. that is a great idea! so proud of you, girl! :)