Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 months? For reals?`

Just call me Slacker McSlackykins.
I've been so busy sewing, children-ing, cleaning, hosting, traveling...well, you get the idea.
This poor little blog was very neglected!
But today is your lucky day.
Why, you ask? It's because I'm super excited about some new stuff I posted in my shop.
Yes, this is a shameless "go to my shop and buy stuff" post.
But also, I want you to be excited with me, because I have some news! Soon, I will be making high end tote/diaper bags. I will be marketing them in my shop as primarily diaper bags, but of course they can be used as a regular purse or bag too. They make splendid gifts for friends, new moms, etc.
Many of them will be made with laminated cotton on the outside, adjustable straps, more pockets, magnetic clasps, designer fabric, and maybe even some changing pads included!
I'm just so excited to be improving on my skills and hopefully blessing people with really well made bags.
And also, I get to charge more.

Hey, a worker is worth their wages right?!!
Seriously though, I think handmade bags can be even better quality than store bought if done right, and I aim to do RIGHT!

Anyway, here's some of the latest additions to the shop, and as soon as I get my laminated cotton, I'll be starting on my new high end diaper bags!

this one is just to show the size of those last two hobo bags up there

Thanks for your patience with me :) I admit, I am not a faithful blogger but I appreciate when you stop by!
Hope the Lord blesses your socks off today! Remember him as you take each breath.


Anonymous said...

Love those bags!! :)

Robin said...

You are awesome and hilarious! I love the colors on that purple and yellow bag. Very bright and vibrant!

Robin said...

You are awesome and hilarious! I love the colors on that purple and yellow bag. So bright and vibrant!

susanna internicola said...

i love the hobo bags!! super cute are so good at it!! :)