Friday, March 9, 2012

Ode to my Kitchen

I'm sure lots of you moms out there could say that you spend most of your day in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, prepping, serving, washing, etc.  Of all of the rooms in my home, the kitchen is where you will find me probably 71.4% of the time. 

Much of the rest of my day is spent in my little office/guest room/craft room at my desk, or snuggling my kids in the living room. 

Joel and I were talking the other day about all of the house projects on our to-do list.  And a thought suddenly came to me! I spend most of my day tending to things in the kitchen, and while I do want the rest of my home to be lovely, I really want to love my kitchen!  Oh, it doesn't have to be world-class or expensive. Nor does it have to be cutting edge. Just homey, lovely, efficient and inviting. 

We've done a few things to bring it there! Remember the before and after of the kitchen floor? That is the last thing we've done to our kitchen. Just haven't had time or resources! So, next on the list: touch up the cabinets, hang the beadboard to cover up the nasty formica on the wall, put a pantry in the big cabinet where our garbage can currently is,  and get new linoleum countertops.

I think if we can get those 4 things done, I will feel more in love with my kitchen!  I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest on my "Home Stuff" board for what I would love in my kitchen. Here are a few of them:

Apparently I love white kitchens with natural wood accents and splashes of color.   I'll post an update of the kitchen after we've done something else to it. Hopefully the bead board will be up soon!  In the meantime, I keep doing small organizational things in there. I cleaned out the tupperware cupboard and sorted, put a basket in where the tea towels are kept (they were just thrown in there in a pile!), and hung new curtains on the door.  Baby steps, right?

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend.  Spend time lovin' on your kitchen too!

-Jenn :)

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Lora said...

i love all those photos, jenn! esp the second one. :)