Friday, March 23, 2012

Kitchen progress....

I guess I need to post on my blog more often about how I'd like things to get done around the house! The day after I posted this entry, Joel decided to put the beaded board up! I can't even explain to you what a difference it has made in the kitchen.  I still have to prime and put a fresh coat of white on it before I can show you a true before/after post, but here's a teaser. Check out the walls before!

Nasty formica that was peeling, sticky and just plain ugly. Maybe it was in style when they first put it in back in 19-FOREVER ago.
Now look at what it looks like presently....

Can you even believe that?
Seriously, I could kiss that man on the mouth. Actually, I think I will. :)
Anyway,  after we got the glorious white goodness on the walls, I decided to change the paint color above it.  You can see in the first picture above that it was a light citrus green, sorta 'appley'. Now, it's a light turquoise, painted in a high gloss and it has made such a difference. I couldn't bring myself to do an all-white kitchen, but maybe someday. I guess I'm just a sucker for having at least SOME color on the walls, even if it's light or pale.
Next on the list: touch up the cabinets, get an over-the-range microwave, install a pantry in the garbage cabinet, and hang shelves where the spice racks used to be.
I'll post more pictures as I continue to change things. I SO love re-decorating, much to my husbands' chagrin.  (You love it, honey!)


Lora said...

wow!!! amazing. seriously, so beautiful! and i love the paint color! it's gorgeous. :) great job!!

susanna internicola said...

totally awesome!!!!!!
joel rocks! :)